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It's your day. Your focus will be on so many things and you don't even need to think about us.

Our focus- It's all about you. The first and only order of business on your wedding day is taking care of you. Our agenda is your perfect wedding and this is what we do.

We will arrive as early as allowed on the day of your event and set up a new state of the art Bose sound system. Few cables need to be neatly tucked away and the sound system is quickly tuned to perfection in the room. We won't stop there. We are going to set some of the latest computerized LED lighting to set the mood and get your celebration started.

Are you ready for Your Grand Entrance ?

Digital Entertainment

Wichita, Ks.

(316) 204-1294

The beginning of a historical day....

*Expect more than simply playing music...

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